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Memorial Day 2023 - How To Decorate It In The Best Way!

Memorial Day 2023 - How To Decorate It In The Best Way!

There are so many national holidays which we celebrate throughout the year, however some of them hold a special place as we remember the brave men who sacrificed their lives for the country. Memorial Day 2023 is approaching and you can feel gratitude towards the men and women who died while serving for the nation during the civil war.  


Memorial Day 2023 - How To Decorate It In The Best Way!

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

The day was declared as a national holiday during the civil war when civilians paid tribute to the martyrs by putting flowers on their graves. This is the day when we can feel gratitude for living in a safe place due to the men and women who go to the borders to serve our country. 


Memorial Day 2023 is falling on 29 May as it is celebrated on the last Monday of may each year!

What Decorations Are Appropriate For Memorial Day?

Memorial day is a patriotic event and national holiday so the decorations which deem appropriate for the memorial day event usually have a tri-color theme (red, white and blue color) or national flag in them.          

When Should You Start Decorating For Memorial Day?

If you are using fresh flowers and other natural decoration pieces then it is appropriate that you decorate the same day or just one day prior to the event. If you want to start the memorial day spirit earlier and are using paper and plastic decor items then you can start decorating a week prior to the memorial day. However, you should not start decorating before that.  

What Colors Do You Decorate For Memorial Day?

Red, blue and white are patriotic color and perfect for Memorial Day Decorations. These three colors depict the spirit of the nation hence can be incorporated in any national event. Memorial day is related to martyrs of the nation which are remembered by all.        

How Do You Decorate A Memorial?

There are a number of Memorial Day Decoration options however flowers are the most popular ones. You can either use real or artificial ones as per your liking. Some people buy flowers in tri colors of red, blue and white to decorate a memorial. 

7 Unique Tri-Color Patriotic Things To Buy For Memorial Day 

Jumbo Glow Stick Necklace

These Jumbo Glow Stick Necklaces are amazing and can be worn to memorial day events as they are available in tri-color patriotic options. You can even use these as amazing party favors. 


Glow Bracelets

The amazing unisex Patriotic Glow Bracelets can be paired with any kind of outfit. They can be activated for glow very easily by bending and shaking the glow stick. The glow lasts for more than 6 hours which is enough for lasting an event.   

Patriotic Flashing Sequin Cowboy Hat

The Light Up Patriotic Sequin Cowboy Hat come in red, white and blue color which can be worn to any day as well as night time event. The sequin cowboy hat lights up with the press of a button as the LED lights are powered by batteries.  

Patriotic Light Up Pom Pom Batons 

The Patriotic Light Up Pom-Pom Batons make for an amazing prop for cheer-leading. The baton has paper pom poms on both sides with an illuminating stick in the middle which light up by bending and shaking it.   

Banner, Paper Lantern, Honeycomb Decoration 

This memorial day get the best of decor items which are made of high quality material. You can find exclusive Memorial Day Decor products like banners, paper lanterns and other honeycomb decorations which can look amazing in any indoor as well as outdoor place.  

USA Flag Star Lapel Pin

If you are fond of minimal accessory then these lapel pin with the US flag are perfect for you. You can use these on clothes as well as on bags. The LED Flashing USA Flag Star Body Light Pin with magnetic attachmentis is light in weight, durable and even come in light up format. 

US Flag Luncheon Napkins

If you are hosting a lunch then you can keep Patriotic Flag Luncheon Napkins which match with the other tri-color patriotic decor.  

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