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Memorial Day 2023 - Interesting Facts & Decorations Ideas!

Memorial Day 2023 - Interesting Facts & Decorations Ideas!

There are a few military holidays which are celebrated in the US. It is great to thank and honor the people who have served for the country. The armed forces day is celebrated to honor the people who are currently working in the armed forces. The veteran’s day is to celebrate and honor the veterans of the US military forces. The memorial day commemorates all the soldiers who have died serving for the country in the US military service. Let's explore:


Memorial Day 2023 - Interesting Facts & Decorations Ideas!

When Is Memorial Day 2023?

Memorial day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. So, this year memorial day 2023 is falling on May 29, 2023.


Why Shouldn't You Say Happy Memorial Day?

Memorial day cannot be called a happy event as it commemorates the sacrifice of the US military soldiers. They lost their lives while serving the country and we must honor them with gratitude and regard. Family get-together and barbeque (BBQ) sessions are the most common ways of spending this holiday in the US. The formal ceremonies are conducted in the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

Three Interesting Facts About Memorial Day

  • In earlier times, after the civil war the memorial day was known as decoration day. It has long been recognized in the honor of soldiers who died in the civil war but now it has been changed to all the martyrs of US military forces.
  • Memorial day was not a holiday until 1968, it started happening 3 years after the civil war ended
  • Until World War I, this day was only recognized for the sacrifice of soldiers who lost their lives during the civil war.


Decorations Ideas For Memorial Day

Since it is a patriotic holiday, you can buy a lot of tri-color items and US flag printed products for this day. The Memorial Day Decorations come in a variety of types and you can buy them without having to go anywhere as they are available online. Check out the following high quality Red White And Blue Decorations ideas and unique products which are available for memorial day at prices like never before:


Light Up & Glow Patriotic Sticks

You can try light up and glowing items like glow sticks, patriotic batons, tri colored sticks, American Flag Print Foam Stick batons These are illuminates brightly with the help of LED lights and perfect for memorial day event.


Light Up American Flag Print Foam Stick


Mohawk Patriotic Wig

If you are a fan of out of the box accessories then this tri-color LED Light Up Mohawk Patriotic Wig is for you. You can wear this wig to any indoor or outdoor place and stand out as the aesthetics of the wig are amazing. The hair of the wig comes in red, blue and white color which looks aesthetically appealing.


LED Light Up Mohawk Patriotic Wig

Tri-Color Serveware

If you are hosting a memorial day barbeque at your place then you can explore tri-color serveware which includes various types of Patriotic Tri-Colors Plates, glasses, cupcake holders, ice cubes and more. The serveware looks amazing and you would be able to impress your friends and guests with these unique pieces. They would love to enjoy their meals on memorial day theme plates.


Patriotic Tri-Colors Plates


Slotted Rock Star Shades

You can look cool on any memorial day even by flaunting these LED Light Up Patriotic Slotted Rock Star Shades. The LED light illuminates with the press of a button and you would be able to use the shades for other patriotic events as well because they are durable and long lasting.

LED Light Up Patriotic Slotted Rock Star Shades

LED Patriotic Bead Necklaces

If you want to accessorize your guests and are looking for an item which would fit one and all then buy this LED Patriotic Beads Necklace. The beads light up with the press of a button and you would be able to turn it off and even change modes in the same way.


LED Patriotic Beads Necklace

Tri-Color LED Light Up Blinky Balloons

Balloons are multi-purpose and most like decor products which are inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. The tri-color LED Light Up Blinky Balloons are high in quality and last for a really long time. You can use these for decor purposes in indoor as well as outdoor places. They are easy to inflate and last for days so you can keep the decor for a long time without any issue.


LED Light Up Blinky Balloons


Arrange a get-together this memorial day with your friends and family and enjoy while sharing the amazing facts with them. You can have an amazing time commemorating and realizing the sacrifice of the martyrs of the nation. You can find-out Memorial Day Decor products to throw an epic party event.

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