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9 Light Up Party Supplies To Use For 4th Of July Outdoor Decor!

9 Light Up Party Supplies To Use For 4th Of July Outdoor Decor!

Fourth of July is around the corner and you can buy these light up 4th of July party supplies and decor items mentioned below for an amazing outdoor setup:


9 Light Up Party Supplies To Use For 4th Of July Outdoor Decor!


Light Up 4th Of July Outdoor Decor Supplies

1. LED Fairy String Lights:

Red, white and blue LED fairy lights can be draped along fences, trees, poles or around outdoor seating areas to add a patriotic touch. This can serve as a functional as well as decorative piece. The string lights can be used in one or all the three colors depending upon the requirement and liking.


2. American Flags With Lights:

Light up flags are lighted with American flag shaped that can be hung on walls or fences to create a festive atmosphere. You can also buy the American flags and use patriotic colored red white and blue glow sticks or string lights on it. Moreover, red, white and blue colored glowing ground stakes can also be used in order to set up the flags high and pathway decorations.


3. Patriotic Colors Themed Lanterns:

Patriotic color red white and blue lanterns can be hung from trees or porch ceilings to provide ambient lighting. Light up patriotic lanterns are usually portable so can be used in places where there is no light source.


4. Pathway Glow Luminous Pebbles/Stones:

Colored glow in the dark stones / pebbles charged by sunlight can be placed along walkways or driveways to guide guests to your outdoor gathering while adding a patriotic flair. They come in a variety of colors which you can choose from as per your wish.


5. Light Up Star Shaped Lights:

LED star-shaped lights can be hung from trees or placed on glow sticks in the ground to create a dazzling display. The stars match perfectly with the theme of the holiday.


6. Fairy Lights In Mason Jars:

Fill mason jars with red, white, and blue LED fairy string lights and place them on tables or along fences for a charming glow. This can work very well as a table top and can add a whimsical vibe to the entire setup.


7. Light Up Inflatables:

Look for inflatable decorations like American LED flags, stars, hats with lights and more light up stuff for a fun and festive addition to your outdoor space. These inflatables can even be kept on pool side.


8. Flameless LED Candles:

Place red, white, and blue flameless LED candles in lanterns or votive holders for a safe and stylish lighting option. These work very well even on a windy day and you can place these indoors as well without any safety concern.


9. LED Light Up Balloons:

Fill balloons with LED lights in patriotic colors and scatter them around your yard for a magical touch. LED balloons can be easily bought online and used with light sticks of your choice.

These light up 4th of July party decorations will help you create a vibrant and patriotic atmosphere for your Fourth of July celebrations!

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