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Light Up Earrings FAQ 101

Light Up Earrings FAQ 101

Women are fond of accessories and jewelry pieces which are stylish, versatile and eye-catching. If you wish to buy the most amazing glowing earrings then you have come to the right place. LED Light Up Earrings feel like they are glowing from within. They come in all different colors, sizes and designs which you can use as per your convenience. Party glowz has an ongoing holiday sale through which you can get these earrings at slashed prices. You can easily get an amazing pack of Christmas earrings by available coupon codes at the checkout page.


The flashing earrings come with a magnet clip on the enclosure so it can be worn without piercing as well. These are best for people who have a phobia of piercing. Multicolor options are available in earrings which make them very attractive. Stud earrings look classing on anyone and everyone. You will be thrilled to see the amazing color range and designs. These can be worn to any party or event of your choice during the day as well as night. These can also be used as rave earrings as they make a great alternative for earrings with rhinestone.


Light Up Earrings FAQ 101



What are light up earrings?

LED Earrings are called light up earrings as they can illuminate with the twist of a wire or a press of a button. They have single or multiple micro LED lights in them which are powered by batteries. These unisex earrings illuminate brightly for hours in one go without any hassle. Some of the earrings come in clip-on option however for others you need to have a piercing in your ear as they are jumbo in size. These luminous earrings make for a perfect light up and glow party accessory.

What type of earrings are available as light up earrings?

Hoop earrings, dangle earrings and stud earrings are available as Light Up Earrings. They are widely bought by both men and women due to the aesthetic appeal as well as the affordability part. The earrings come in shapes like heart, star, light bulb, drop, flowers, eyeball, snowflake, jumbo pumpkin and more. They come in blue, white, yellow, green, orange, red and other bright colors. They beautifully glow in the dark and the shapes can be picked up as per the occasion or special event.

How big are the LED earrings?

The earrings come in all different sizes and are usually available in normal size. However, you can go for the jumbo ones if you are looking for color changing chunky earrings. They make for great party favors and are visible from a distance making it eye-catching. The bulb earrings and drop earrings come in changing color light which is liked by men women and kids.


Light Up Bulb Clip-On EarringsLight Up Jumbo Eyeball Clip-On Earrings

Where can you use these LED light up earrings studs?

The Blinking Earrings can be used as party supplies for valentine’s day, Halloween party, dance party, glow in the dark party, xmas and more. The ear studs make for great party favors along with the headband, fiber optic wands and more. You can avail the special offers which are not available anywhere else on bulk purchase of this amazing fashion accessory.


LED Light Up Earrings Studs
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