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LED Light Up Cowboy Hat - Types, Styles, Colors And More!

LED Light Up Cowboy Hat - Types, Styles, Colors And More!

The trend for cowboy/cowgirl hats is going viral on social media. People really like to own affordable and cool accessories which are amazing and the cowboy hat is one of them. Gone are the days when the hat was only available in plain textures and limited color options. Now, they are available as per the weather and in so many designs as well as styles. The light up EL wire light up cowboy hats have a very unique aesthetic and are popular among people. The EL wire cowboy hat comes in a variety of colors and can make you stand out even in a crowded place. Before diving into it lets explore some general traits of cowboy hats. Let's explore:


What Are The Two Types Of Cowboy Hats?

The Cowboy Hats are made of two types of materials - felt and straw. The ones made of straw are suitable for hot weather and the ones which are made of felt keeps the user warm and cozy so they are suitable for the winter season.

Are There Different Styles Of Cowboy Hats?

Yes, the cowboy hats come in a variety of crown shapes. Cattleman, derby, pinched front, open crown, gambler, etc are some of the most popular ones. The cowboy hat styles can be explored and bought as per the shape of the face and as per the preference of the user.        

What Do Cowboy Hats Symbolize?

Earlier, the hat was symbolic of power but now with so many new designs it symbolizes style, fashion and coolness. The cowboy hats look cool on everyone and it is now adorned by kids as well as adults. The light up EL wire cowboy party hat is particularly popular among girls/women as well as men. The Light Up Cowboy Hats are amazing and you can pair these with casual as well as formal outfits for any kind of event. 


LED Flashing EL Wire Sequin Cowboy Party Hats


What Are Cowboy Hat Etiquette?

The cowboy hats look elegant and chic only when they are worn with proper etiquette. Here are some of the thumb rules you must abide by while wearing cowboy hats:

  • Always remove the hat by holding it from the crown area
  • Remove the hat when you are greeting someone who is elder to you to show them respect 
  • Buy the right size as it is improper to wear a loose hat which can easily fall off or a tight one which is uncomfortable
  • Choose the right material as per the weather because the wrong material would make it impossible to wear  

Exciting Colors Of LED Light Up Cowboy Hat

EL wire Cowboy Light Up Hat has LED lights which illuminate in 3 different modes - blink, flash and steady light. The lights are powered by batteries and can be turned on with the press of a button. The hat has LED lights around the rim and it comes with an adjustable drawstring for comfortable wear. The exciting colors in which the hat is available are as following:   



The purple hat comes with blue LED lights which look amazing when they light up. The hat can be worn to various types of events like birthday parties, concerts, theme parties and more. Girls love colorful hats and this one can go with any kind of and any colored outfit. The Purple Cowboy Hat is durable and it can be used over and over again.


Purple Light Up Cowboy Hat


If you are thinking about what to wear for a princess theme party then do not go with tiaras as they are too cliched. You can get your hands on this amazing Pink Cowboy Hat which is stylish, chic and girly. 


Pink Light Up Cowboy Hat

Black, Blue, Red & White

If you are going to an glow party or event then you can try from Black, Blue, Red & White Cowboy Hat is the perfect accessory. It can be worn during the day as well as night which makes it a versatile accessory. 


EL Wire Sequin Cowboy Hats


Light up el wire cowboy or cowgirl hats are comfortable to wear, durable in use and aesthetically appealing. Light Up Cowboy Hat can be worn by anyone and everyone to any kind of event. 

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