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Light Sword - Best Light Up Toy For Kids 2023!

Light Sword - Best Light Up Toy For Kids 2023!

You know that kids are most influenced by their friends, immediate family members, parents or cartoons! Yes, you read that right! Cartoons play a really significant role in a kid’s life as they believe the characters and their powers to be real. Many such cartoons have led to the craze of glow swords. Swords are no longer perceived just as a weapon for the kids but the cartoons have added more element to it. Swords signify mystery, magic and power as it is shown with light and sound effects in the cartoons.

If your kid is also a ninja fan then Light Up Lightsabers are the perfect gift for him this holiday season. They can use it as per their wish as they come in so many different design, color and handle options. These swords look real due to the light and sound effects that have been incorporated in these. Your kids would love to play fake battles and feel powerful with these well made and safe to use swords.


Light Sword - Best Light Up Toy For Kids 2023


How Do You Light Up A Sword?

The Light Up Swords have LED lights in them and the glow swords have glow pigment in them. The LED ones illuminate with the help of batteries and the glow ones get charged under bright sunlight. Simply press the button provided near the handle of the sword to turn on the LED lights. There are single and multi-color options which you can choose from as per your requirement. Kids love it when they light up and they play with them for hours in one go.    

Are Light Up Swords Safe?

Swords are made of high quality plastic and are designed without any blunt edges to ensure that they are not sharp. When used on someone while playing, these swords do not pose any threat. Toddlers and even young kids can play with these swords easily as they are light in weight and the button can be easily pressed for illuminating the lights.

Do Light Up Swords Have Various Lighting Modes? 

The light up swords have various lighting modes which can be changed from the same button. The three lighting modes are - blink, flash and steady on. You can easily change the mode while playing as well because the button is very close to the grip.  

Can You Replace Batteries In The Sword?

Yes, you can easily replace the batteries of the Lightsaber Sword when exhausted by opening the battery pack and putting in the new batteries of the same type. The sword becomes as good as new and illuminates perfectly after replacement of batteries. This feature makes the Light Sword a lot more durable and the kids can play with it for hours in one go.

How Many Types of Swords Are Available?

Swords come in so many designs and colors that you will be thrilled to see the collection. Ninja sword, prism sword, double edge sword, pixel sword, flexible sword, Light Up Lightsaber with sound, pirate sword and double unicorn sword are some of the most widely used and loved sword types. Kids love their aesthetics and they can easily be used as a giveaway item or a party favor. 


5 Best Light Swords For Kids

22 Inch Light Up Pirate Sword
30 Inch Space Shuttle Magic Ball Sword
28 Inch Light Up Prism Sword
Halloween Light Up Pixel Sword
LED Light Flexible Sword With Metal Handles


5 Best Light Swords For Kids
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