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How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Crowd Control?

How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Crowd Control?

Popular events attract a large number of individuals, such as patriotic gatherings, Burning Man, carnivals, Oktoberfest, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, theme parties, concerts, etc. Event organizers need to control large crowds (fueled by excitement and enthusiasm) right from the beginning of the event. It helps prevent congestion and chaos, contributes to the systematic flow of people, enables attendees to enjoy entertaining performances and let them feel safe.

Light up foam sticks are helpful when it comes to crowd control. With their use, event organizers can maintain order during large-scale gatherings and ensure everyone returns home with pleasant memories.


How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Crowd Control?


1. Create Guiding Pathways With LED Foam Glow Sticks

Suppose you are organizing an event with recurring activities such as speeches by VIP guests, dance programs, a charity gala and other entertaining events. In that case, you must create illuminated pathways using LED foam glow sticks. It contributes to the overall ambiance of the event location and helps individuals find their way out.


2. Use Foam Light Sticks For Identity People

An overwhelming number of individuals attend popular concerts and events. Therefore, event organizers must assign different colors to different groups of people based on factors such as seating sections and ticket tiers and use foam light sticks accordingly. For example, they can give LED light up foam stick batons in gold colors to VIPs. On the other hand, the general audience may be represented by blue. This allows volunteers to identify the guests and help them accordingly.


3. Control Traffic At Entry And Exit Points

You can conveniently manage the crowd's flow efficiently at concerts and other mega-events by using LED light sticks at entry and exit points. Depending on your requirements, use different colors to signify various directions and ensure a smooth and organized traffic flow. Monitoring traffic at different exit and entry points and diverting it from a high-traffic area to a lower one will be helpful. It will help you to prevent congestion during the event's peak entry and exit times.


4. Use Light Up Foam Lights For Emergency Signaling

When dealing with emergencies at events, foam light up sticks are helpful. To utilize them effectively, instruct guests and staff about the emergency signaling method before the party starts. In an emergency, individuals must wave the light-up foam sticks in a specific pattern and alert the organizer for the required help. Choose a color (like red light up foam stick baton) for emerging signaling.


5. Create Safety Barriers

Always remember that safety barriers at the event space help ensure the well-being of attendees. So, use LED foam light up sticks and other party supplies to create safety barriers at entry and exit points, stages, food and beverage stations, electrical equipment, VIP and restricted areas, hazardous zones, etc. It will minimize the possibility of unpleasant happenings and help organize the event smoothly.


6. Display Important Information On Signage

Signage plays a vital role in crowd control at a mega event. So, set it up and attach LED foam light up sticks of bold colors. Display important information about the occasion, like the opening and closing times, rules that need to be followed, essential updates, etc. Remember, well-placed signage prevents overcrowding in specific areas and allows the organizer to ensure a pleasant experience for all attendees.


7. Create Designated Cheer Zones

For convenience, divide the event space into multiple "cheer zones” and distribute foam stick batons accordingly. This will help the audience cheer up safely and prevent excited fans from disrupting the overall flow of the entertaining performances.

Crowd control is very important when you organize a large event and invite an impressive number of guests to attend it. With the effective use of stick LED lights, you can control the crowd's movement in the event space, eliminate the possibility of unfortunate happenings, and ensure everyone feels at ease. Get the required number of LED foam glow sticks from PartyGlowz and use them for crowd control. With the placement of a bulk order, you can get free shipping benefits. Take your time to find and redeem a discount coupon to reduce your bills.

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