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How To Make Orthodox Christmas More Joyful?

How To Make Orthodox Christmas More Joyful?

Orthodox Christmas is one of the brightest and most joyful for millions of Orthodox Christians in the United States of America and other countries. According to tradition, they celebrate the baby Jesus’s birth on this day, break their 40-day fast, meet with friends and family members to congratulate them on the occasion, prepare a rich table with all kinds of delicious foods and beverages, engage in numerous activities, and mark the beginning of a new life. Are you looking for helpful ideas to add more meaning and joy to the occasion and delight everyone? Let's look at a few ways outlined below:


How To Make Orthodox Christmas More Joyful?


1. Decorate Your Home & Church On Christmas Day

Decorating your home and the nearest church is a delightful way to create a festive atmosphere and welcome individuals wonderfully. Depending on your requirements and budget, create a plan for Christmas decorations for these two places and get party supplies accordingly. Take your friend’s help and clean your home and the church perfectly. Now it's time to decorate the place.

To start with, place a Giant Christmas Banner in front of your home and the church to welcome guests and create a pleasant environment for the occasion. You can also use the Merry Christmas Glitter Banner for the same motto. Feel free to use the Merry Christmas Wall Decorating Kit to transform the walls of your home and church. The proper use of Curtain String Lights and Light Up Balloons in these two places will take the decoration to new heights. There are many ways to decorate the place for the occasion. So, be creative and implement unique decor ideas as you deem suitable.


2. Attend Midnight Mass During Orthodox Christmas

Don't miss the midnight mass procession during the event, as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Wear the traditional Christmas costume and attend the occasion. Usually, people gather around churches at midnight, light candles in churches, recite readings from the Bible, and pray. Apart from traditional candles, you can use LED candles, which are ultra-portable and safe. Their illumination lasts for several hours, helping you create a sense of spiritual reflection and devotion. You can also contribute to church services, which will let devotees have a soothing experience when they are in church for the candlelight, prayer, etc.


3. Make Christmas Feast More Interesting

The Christmas feast is one of the main attractions of the occasion. When individuals break their fasting, they love to eat a good variety of delicious foods and enjoy beverages. You should enhance their dining experience significantly with some creativity and experiments. Place the dining tables in an open and spacious area and cover them with tablecloths for enhanced elegance. Also, use table centerpieces to attract guests' attention. Serve a wide variety of desserts and treats on oval Christmas tree oval platters. Give them napkins, too.  Use light up barware and drinkware to let guests enjoy beverages in style. All these will impress individuals at the dining table and let them have pleasant times.


4. Exchange Useful Christmas Gifts

As Christmas gatherings include individuals from all walks of life, exchanging useful Christmas gifts with close friends, relatives, and children serves as a pleasant moment for both parties. PartyGlowz proudly offers a huge number of Christmas party favors. Some popular gift options include Christmas Character Slap Bracelets, LED Light Up Santa Cowboy Hats, LED Jumbo Christmas bulb necklaces, Christmas Jingle Bell Headbands, LED Flashing Reindeer Pin, etc. It will be helpful if you guess the recipient's expectations, get gifts in sufficient quantities, and delight everyone.


5. Click Amazing Photos & Videos On Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the most important occasions during which you should click amazing photos in different situations and record videos. Photos and videos will serve as memories in the future. You can remember pleasant moments of the occasion when you see them. Have a professional photographer and videographer in your group, and ask them to capture all memorable moments at the event location. Also, you should create a special photo booth using a kit and decorate it with shower lights. It will help create a visually appealing and standing backdrop for photos and videos. You should also use Christmas wearable accessories as props to make images and videos unique and appealing.


6. Perform Acts Of Charity

Nothing is more meaningful than performing charitable activities during Christmas and offering a helping hand to needy individuals. You can organize charitable donations and increase participation in donating to a good cause. Use a custom banner to spread awareness about your deeds and encourage more people to be a part of your initiative. Give Christmas treats and food items to old people and orphans; toys and cool gifts to children; donate food and beverages to food banks; etc.



When is Orthodox Christmas?

Sun, 7 Jan, 2024


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