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How To Host An Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Party?

How To Host An Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Party?

A surprise birthday party, as evident from its name itself, is an event secretly planned by close individuals to observe the upcoming birthday of a person. It astonishes him/her with unexpected gatherings and entertaining activities as planned by the organizer. The success of such an event depends on your ability to plan different activities smartly, maintain secrecy, and transform an ordinary day into a joyous occasion.

Is the birthday of your favorite friend or family member drawing closer? Are you looking for surprise birthday party ideas to organize a friendly gathering on a fixed budget and entertain everyone? Well, we have compiled a list of some valuable tips that will help you host a surprise birthday party conveniently.


How To Host An Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Party?


Checklist For Planning A Surprise Birthday Party

1. Choose An Appropriate Event Location

You can host such an event at a friend’s house, restaurant, or rented space. Ensure that the chosen area perfectly aligns with the birthday party theme and ambiance you want to create.


2. Choose Helping Hands

Create a team of helpers responsible for managing the different aspects of the birthday party. It will help you to take care of multiple aspects of the event and organize it successfully.


3. Create A Budget

Allocate the budget based on your estimates. It will help you cover all the necessary expenses.


4. Create A Story

Remember, the most critical and difficult stage of planning a surprise party is to create a story that will make the birthday boy or girl attend the event without arousing suspicion.


5. Collect Birthday Party Supplies & Send Invitations

Depending on your requirements, collect the birthday party supplies as soon as possible and send invitations to guests around 10–15 days before. With numerous products and fast shipping services, PartyGlowz helps you host such a party smoothly.


6. Decorate The Event Space For Surprise Birthday Party

Decorating the event space is vital to creating the perfect atmosphere at a party. There are numerous possibilities for it. Here are some suggestions that will help to beautify the home for the special day:


  • Illuminated all areas of the event space with the proper use of LED candle lights, fairy lights and party lights,
  • Create a glittering trail from the doorway to the main event area using glow sticks. Choose different colors and create attractive designs to surprise guests.
  • Take LED balloons of several colors and place them cleverly throughout the event area to create a mesmerizing environment.
  • Dress up the food and drink tables with party tablecloths. Use party table centerpieces to make them look more attractive.
  • Create a photo booth area and decorate the backdrop with streamers, personalized banner, and balloons. Guests can take pictures here in different poses and capture memories.
  • Add a personalized touch to the event by displaying photos of the birthday person. Use foam glow sticks to highlight them.


7. Entertain Guest Through Different Means

Birthday parties are full of entertaining activities that individuals love to engage in. Invite a long-lost friend or family member as a special guest to the event and let everyone know about it. It will surprise everyone and add more excitement to the occasion. Make the necessary arrangements for live performances, music, and dance. Use glow in the dark accessories or LED light up accessories to add more excitement to the occasion.

Ask guests to come in disguise and encourage them to use masks to hide their identity. The birthday boy or girl must identify them using their guesswork. Organize different activities that surprise everyone at the event and make them happy.


8. Create A Delicious Menu

A birthday party is the perfect time to delight guests with different varieties of foods and beverages. So, create a delicious menu and serve them on the dining table. To enhance their overall dining experience, use themed party plates, birthday napkins and light up drinkware and barware. They are beautifully designed and let guests enjoy their treats comfortably.


9. Share Birthday Party Favors

Once all entertaining activities end, it’s time to share helpful birthday gifts and delight everyone. PartyGlowz offers numerous products you can use as gifts to individuals of all ages at the event to make it more memorable. Light up cowboy hats, personalized coffee mugs, LED light up jelly flashing bumpy rings, customized birthday favors and other light up party favors are some popular options. Before choosing the birthday gifts, guess the recipient's expectations and analyze your budget. Choose party favors that guests will love and appreciate.

A surprise birthday party will bring much joy and entertainment to everyone involved. So, follow the tips mentioned above to organize it successfully and surprise the birthday boy or girl. Maintain secrecy about the event until the last moment to ensure its success. Place bulk orders on PartyGlowz and get all the required themed birthday party supplies with no shipping cost. Redeem any available coupon code and reduce the overall shopping bill. Act now!

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