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How To Host An Amazing Oktoberfest Party - Ideas 101

How To Host An Amazing Oktoberfest Party - Ideas 101

What started in Munich as the marriage celebration of the Bavarian Prince has spread throughout the world in the form of Oktoberfest. It is named so as it was first started in the month of October. However, the duration of celebration increased and now it starts in the month of September and runs till mid October. Now, the festival runs for approximately 17 to 18 days but it was only a 3 day celebration when it started. 

Do People Celebrate Oktoberfest in the US?

Outside of Germany, the largest Oktoberfest is organized and enjoyed in Cincinnati, Ohio. The festival is enjoyed annually with full zeal and German spirit. You can know more about this amazing festival here - Oktoberfest 2022

Why Was Oktoberfest Canceled In The Year 2020 And 2021?

The entire world was engulfed under the threat of Pandemic and social gatherings were canceled which is the essence of Oktoberfest. Now, it has been announced that the celebration would resume from the year 2022 as the pandemic is now under control.  


How to host an amazing Oktoberfest Party - Ideas 101


Create A Mini Munich - Oktoberfest Party Ideas

The internet is filled with information as well as products which can help you create a mini munich at any place for Oktoberfest. You can bring in the Bavarian elements in decoration, food, costumes, music and themes to enjoy it in its most authentic self even in the US. Dive deep into the glory of German culture in order to enjoy Oktoberfest the way it started and is celebrated in Germany. 

First and foremost Oktoberfest Party Decorations and supplies are imperative to create the German aesthetic. Try on Bavarian outfits and enjoy German music and food to enjoy this amazing festival. The following points would help you host an amazing Oktoberfest theme party at home without any stress and without digging a hole in your pocket. 

Keep The Theme Blue And White!

The theme of Oktoberfest is inspired from the Bavarian flag which is blue and white in color. The flag has long been associated with the royal family. You can buy either the Bavarian flags which have lozenges in them to decorate the place or items with the same print. 

Make Your Guest Wear Bavarian Outfits

The Bavarian outfits are one of a kind and are not found generally in the US. You can mention the outfit theme of the party on the invites and make your guests soak in the glory of royal bavarian culture and tradition.


Display Oktoberfest Banners

Make various booths and decorate them with banners & Oktoberfest Decorating Kit which are high quality and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 


Oktoberfest Decorating Kit

Arrange Pretzel Prop For Photobooth

Pretzels are associated with good luck and eternal love. Moreover, they also symbolize the folding hands for prayer. The Pretzel Prop is pretty famous for photoshoots and it is an amazing treat which can be enjoyed by one and all. You can arrange pretzel props to make an amazing Oktoberfest photo booth.  


Pretzel Photo Prop


Play Oktoberfest Party Playlist 

Set up the dance floor and groove on the German playlist which is played in Munich for authentic celebration. You would find your guests dancing for hours and enjoying German music while being in the US. 

Play Beer Pong 

Oktoberfest is incomplete without beer and you can make it fun by organizing a beer pong game setup in your party. The guests would love to chug on their favorite beer while having a blast with others. You can check out LED Light Up Beer Pong Game Set with beer pong cups, balls and LED light bases.


LED Light Up Beer Pong Game Set

Enjoy the festival in the German spirit by opting for the Oktoberfest Party Supplies & Decorations in the list mentioned above. Organize house parties and go to carnivals and events to celebrate Oktoberfest 2022! 

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