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How To Engage Kids On Thanksgiving Day?

How To Engage Kids On Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holidays, which unites friends and families for a grand occasion, spending good time with each other, enjoying delicious foods, and saying thanks for all good and positive things. While adults keep themselves busy with activities, children often get bored. All parents need to keep their kids engaged and entertained throughout the event. Therefore, look at the top 7 fun Thanksgiving activities for kids that will keep them engage all day and provide more fun and entertainment.


How To Engage Kids On Thanksgiving Day?


1. Engage Kids in DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

There is a general perception among people that only adults engage in Thanksgiving party decorations. If you want to keep children entertained for a long time during the occasion, engage them with DIY Thanksgiving decoration projects. Get I am thankful for... Thanksgiving cross craft kit and ask them to create a craft for what they are thankful for. Provide them with the necessary instructions on how to do it. They will engage in this activity happily and create fantastic art crafts using their creativity. You can use the decorated cross to enhance the overall decoration of the event space. In the same way, give kids a turkey craft kit and encourage them to make Thanksgiving Turkey.


2. Host A Dance Party For Kids

Thanksgiving dance parties are an excellent way for kids to get together, stay active, and have fun. So, organize a Thanksgiving dance party, play child-friendly rock music, and let children dance alone or in a group. Give LED light up flashing jelly bumpy rings to all kids (of different colors), dim the lights, and ask them to turn on accessories. Because of the beautiful flash released by the rings, dance sessions become more entertaining and thrilling for kids and everyone present at the Thanksgiving party.


3. Engage Kids In Coloring During Thanksgiving 2023

You must never forget that coloring and drawing pictures are children's first conscious actions when given a pencil. It is a beautiful way to engage children in valuable activities and keep them busy for several hours. Get few Thanksgiving color in table covers and encourage kids to color them beautifully. Ask them to make interesting Thanksgiving-themed characters using their imagination and creation. Once the coloring is over, you can decorate the dining table with table covers.


4. Let Children Have Fun With Bubble Guns

Children are crazy about bubble toys. So, estimate the number of children likely to join the event and get bubble guns accordingly. Don’t hesitate to purchase some extra toys. Assign a designated area for children to blow bubbles and have fun. Bubble guns help them release enormous bubbles in a few seconds. It is an entertaining activity for them, and you can keep them busy throughout the event. They can use bubble guns both indoors and outdoors under adult supervision.


5. Organize A Pie Eating Contest On Thanksgiving Day

Children love to eat delicious treats whenever possible. So, organizing a pie-eating contest on Thanksgiving Day is the best way to engage children and keep them entertained. Get a good number of delicious pies of different flavors, put them on the fall Thanksgiving plate and place them in an appropriate location, pour a pile of whipped cream, add a cherry on top, and initiate the contest by stating that whoever eats it first wins. It excites kids, and they love to attend such events time and again for fun and entertainment. You should give gifts (such as light up party favors) to the winner and other kids as a goodwill gesture to give them a sense of accomplishment.


6. Setting Up A Photo-booth For Children

Just like adults, children love to be photographed on multiple occasions. So, set up a photo booth in line with the event's theme and backdrop and engage kids in photography sessions. They can use Thanksgiving photo prop kit, LED light up cowboy hats, LED sunglasses, and other light up accessories as props and click attractive images.


7. Tell Thanksgiving Story To Kids

Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude to everyone for all the good things in your life. That is why you should introduce this value to kids through storytelling. Gather little ones and tell them a Thanksgiving story in a proper sequence. Use LED light up foam sticks to make storytelling more exciting and appealing to them.

Thanksgiving parties are good off days for children. They meet new children at the event, have fun and entertainment, thank their peers, and eat delicious foods and snacks. You can engage them in these activities during the event, keeping them entertained and busy.



When is Thanksgiving 2023?

November 23, 2023


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