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Fun & Unique Glow In The Dark Body Paint Ideas!

Fun & Unique Glow In The Dark Body Paint Ideas!

Are you looking for an amazing idea for the next party that you throw for your friends and family? Well, we got one for you and you are going to love it! There is one product which is going to make your guests engage with each other to make the party interesting. Any guesses? We are talking about glow in the dark body paint.  


Body painting is an interesting activity which can be introduced in any theme party. This is one of those activities which is suitable for kids as well as adults. You can get your hands on high quality, safe, non toxic and easy to use body paint on our website. A lot of people are apprehensive to put paints on their bodies but this one is made for skin and you can use it on any body party (not close to eyes!). The body paints are available in various formats like acrylic, powder, spray and more. You can grab either the bottle, tube or spray packaging as per your convenience. There are so many Glow In The Dark Body Paint ideas however you first need to have a look at some of the facts about the glow paint so you feel safe using it. 


Fun & Unique Glow In The Dark Body Paint Ideas!


Is Glow In The Dark Body Paint Safe?

100% yes! Glow in the dark paints are made of safe and non toxic material which can be used by kids as well as adults. The application does not irritate the skin and you can keep it on the skin for hours before washing it off. 

How To Remove Glow In Dark Paint?

You can simply wash the paint off using mild soap and water. If you are at a party or outdoors then simply use a wet wipe to wipe off the paint without any mess. The paint does not feel sticky and it comes off easily without scrubbing. 


Where Can I Use Glow In The Dark Body Paint?  

Body painting can be done anywhere as per your wish and liking. You can even paint at home when you are bored and free. However, if you wish to have fun with it then introduce glow body painting as a game in a party. You would be thrilled to see the designs and the artwork that your guests would paint on one another. This activity could be a great addition to pool parties where you have bare skin to work on and can wash the paint by the pool without any hassle. 


Glow Body Paint Jars


Glow In The Dark Body Paint Ideas

Festival get-togethers are a great way to introduce body painting. You can buy the colors of the paint as per the color theme of the party. For example - If you are using this for a patriotic event then you can use red, white and blue color while painting. Let's explore some other days where you can use the glow paint and the things which you can draw. 


Glow paint creates a spooky vibe when it glows and would be a perfect addition for Halloween Party Decorations. You can draw spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, skulls and other such figures in your painting. After everyone is done, you can even vote for the best body painting along with the Best costume for Halloween.


Christmas is a time to have fun and you are thoroughly going to enjoy yourself while body painting. Check out our neon color range in red and green which would be suitable for Christmas Decorations. You can grab a Christmas tree, jingle bells, grinch, elf, reindeer and much morning using the glow paints. 

Night Sports

You can make yourself visible at night even from a distance using the glow paints. This is going to be an epic addition to Night Golf sessions where you and your friends can divide teams using colors.

You can surely have a lot of fun by using the glow paints in clubs, concerts, camps and even for safety purposes. Share with us in the comments below some of the unique ways in which you use the Glow Paint and we would be thrilled to feature you on our instagram page. Happy glow painting to you! 

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