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FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Balloons!

FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Balloons!

How Long Do LED Balloons Last?

The LED balloons come deflated and they need to be lit up after inflating. After lighting up the LED lights last for more than 24 hours and the balloons can stay inflated even longer than that. If your party gets over within a small period of time then you can easily deflate these Light Up Balloons and turn off the lights after taking them out. The lights can then be reused for any other purpose as per your liking and requirement.

FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Balloons


Do LED Balloons Need Helium?

The LED balloons need to be inflated with either air or helium gas. No other gas should be used to inflate the balloons which have LED lights in them due to safety reasons. The helium would help them stay afloat and look even more magical.

How Do LED Balloons Work?

The LED Balloons are one of the best party decorations as they are easy to activate, use and remove. There are LED lights inside the party balloons which need to be activated after inflating the balloon with either helium gas or air. You can buy these with solid colored or multi-color LED lights which are very high quality and durable. The material used to make the balloons is also premium in quality and aesthetically pleasing.

How Do You Put An LED In A Balloon?

The LED balloons come pre-assembled and you only need to inflate them and you do not need to put LED lights in the balloon. They are the best party supplies and are as opaque as well as transparent balloons. These balloons can be used for a birthday party, Christmas party, valentine’s day, baby shower, Halloween and wedding decoration.

Can You Put LED Lights In A Helium Balloon?

If you are making DIY LED Light Up Balloons then you need to put LED lights inside the latex balloons. You can easily put activated LED lights in balloons which are filled with either helium or air. Other light up centerpieces can be used to complement the decor.

How Many Balloons Do You Need For A String Of LED Balloons?

This depends upon the area which you need to cover however the balloons are usually used in the form of bunches to decorate a corner. You can join these reusable balloons with LED string lights in the form of the strings as per the length of the area which you need to cover.

What Does An LED Balloon Look Like?

The LED balloons look aesthetically appealing and come with exciting features like light modes. You can change the mode of lighting of the balloons with the press of a button. Flash, blink and steady lights make the glowing balloons even more magical in appearance.

What Color Are LED Balloons?

The color balloons can be bought in red, blue, yellow, pink, green, white, purple and orange color. You can even buy Multicolor LED Blinky Balloons or clear balloons with multi-colored LED lights inside.

LED Light Up Blinky Balloons


What Are The Benefits Of LED Balloons?

The LED lights can be used as Birthday Party Balloons, wedding balloons, and general balloon decor for various events. Apply coupon codes at the checkout page in order to get the best price for these decorative lights balloons. These can also be used as party favors for kids as they love and get attracted towards party lights.

What Is The Purpose Of A LED Balloon?

LED Party Balloons make for the best birthday party decorations and wedding party decorations. They are affordable, safe, long lasting, premium quality and reusable. They are illuminated using AA batteries which are replaceable in nature. The warm white LED glow of the balloons is amazing to look at.

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