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Brighten Up Your Business With Eye-catching Neon EL Wire Kits!

Brighten Up Your Business With Eye-catching Neon EL Wire Kits!

In today's highly competitive business environment, night sports organizers, restaurant owners, bar owners, wedding vendors, and others use EL Wire lights to brighten their businesses. It allows them to differentiate their identity from competitors and attract more customers conveniently every day. Changing customer preferences is one of the main reasons you must use neon wire kits to brighten your business and stay relevant in the market. Customers feel good when they enter premises full of creative brightness and glowing lights. So, they love to visit your store repeatedly and make transactions. Even employees love to work with companies that have excellent lighting arrangements.


Undoubtedly, EL wire led lights will allow you to conveniently add a touch of brightness and personality to your business. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for an easy way to create attractive signage or just want to add some extra color to the business premises, EL wire kits offer an overwhelming number of possibilities. 


Brighten Up Your Business With Eye-catching Neon EL Wire Kits!


A Few Words About EL Wire Lights

Remember, neon electroluminescent wire kits have colorful, flexible, and durable wires. You can conveniently bend them and shape multiple designs as per your requirements. On Party Glowz, you can find them in various colors, like white, pink, yellow, green, blue, red, etc. Furthermore, some neon wire kits are designed in such a way that they can be controlled with a remote.

So you can change the wire color as you desire and significantly transform the look of the neon sign. Of course, you cannot change traditional sign options such as printed banners. But by using neon wire kits, you can create marvelous and appealing designs to fit your brand’s voice and aesthetic. For instance, you can use neon wire to spell your company's name in bold fonts and create a beautiful logo.

Furthermore, the neon wire can decorate your company premises, display important messages, advertise products, improve safety and visibility, etc. They are more affordable and environment-friendly accessories, requiring very little maintenance. So all business organizations must use EL wire lights for different purposes.

A List of Eye-Catching Neon EL Wire Items: 

  • LED Flashing Neon EL Wire Sequin Cowboy Party Hat 

  • If your company regularly organizes corporate parties and events, LED flashing red EL wire cowboy hats are perfect for you. Externally, they look like traditional cowboy hats, but they come with EL wire, which creates a bright and eye-catching display for everyone. Wearing such cowboy party hats at a corporate event will allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of individuals. They are available in multiple colors, allowing you to choose the perfect cowboy hat per the event theme and your personality. 


    They are powered by batteries located inside the hat. You can comfortably replace the battery if it runs out of power. So you can use such fabulous cowboy hats multiple times. The cost of such accessories depends on the total number of party cowboy hats, their design quality, and features. Before making a decision, ensure you have correctly checked all accessory details.


  • 5mm Thick 3 Feet EL Wire Kit

  • Nowadays, a good number of business organizations in the United States of America increasingly use 5mm-thick, 3-foot-long EL wire kits. They are made of durable and nontoxic materials and are cold to the touch. They emit a bright light when an electric current passes through them. 

    To improve the company’s image and attract customers, business owners use them to decorate the premises, provide light in dark areas, highlight a path or walkway to the company, create lighted costumes, and add an appealing touch to corporate parties. EL wire kit is resistant to water and ice and are available in multiple colors. So, you can use them throughout the year in all weather conditions to give a "wow" look to company premises.


  • Motion EL Wire 2 Yards

  • Motion EL wire, also called electroluminescent wire, is used in companies and business organizations where unique lighting effects are needed. For example, it is used in stage productions and costumes in the business world. It has 2 yards (approximately 6 feet) of motion-activated EL wire. 

    Whenever it detects motion, it lights up. So, it is an ideal product to make eye-catching displays and attract customers. Product-based companies use it extensively to display their products magnificently, thus luring customers and encouraging them to purchase more. Currently, it is available in orange and blue. 


  • EL Wire AA Inverter

  • El Wire AA Inverter is an easy-to-use device that converts the direct current from a battery to an alternating current. It is required to power the EL wire, allowing people to decorate their premises. The EL-wire AA inverter is powered by 2 AA batteries, producing 3 volts of DC. After this, the device converts 3 DV to nearly 110 volts AC, which powers the EL lighting wire. Generally, the device is small and compact, measuring 5 cm by 2.5 cm by 1.5 cm in size.

    Moreover, the inverter is equipped with a single wire connected to the positive and negative points of the battery. Using an on/off switch, you can turn the device on or off as required. Remember that an EL-wire AA inverter's life depends on the device's quality and brand. But, with careful use, they can last for several hundred hours.

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