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5 Amazing Features Of Brown & Teal LED Light Up Cowboy Hats!

5 Amazing Features Of  Brown & Teal LED Light Up Cowboy Hats!

Have you seen the brand new addition in the cowboy hat category on the website? Brown and teal are the two new colors which have been added to the already extensive color range of LED light up cowboy hats with sequins. The Brown Cowboy Hat is a common color however Teal Cowboy Hat is a new color which can be worn by both men and women. Nonetheless, both the colors come in cattleman hat style and look absolutely amazing on one and all. 


5 Amazing Features Of  Brown & Teal LED Light Up Cowboy Hats!


Features Of LED Light Up Cowboy Hats - Brown & Teal

If you are a fan of western hats which have a wide brim and unique appeal to them then you have come to the right place. These handcrafted hats have amazing features which make them suitable for parties and special occasions. Let us dive into the list showcasing amazing features of these light up sequined cowboy hats:



These are not just men’s cowboy hats and you can even explore a wide range of cowgirl hats. Teal and dark brown are unisex colors and can be adorned by both men women. These colors are not easy to find in-store and we have increased their accessibility to you by bringing them online. So buy them online on special offers and make the rancher in you really happy.


Adjustable & Affordable

The cowboy / cowgirl hats come with adjustable drawstring which ensures that the hat stays in place even when you are having fun. These are not crushable and are not expensive like leather cowboy hats. The combination of sequins and LED lights look amazing and can be brought at your doorstep without any hassle through our online services.


LED Light Up - Three Modes

6 small LED lights are attached to the brim hat which helps to light up the hat band and make it visible from a long distance as well. The lights not just stay illuminated like a normal light but showcase various modes like flash, blink and steady light. We have fedora hat and other western cowboy hats with the same light up feature.


Battery Operated

These western style cowgirl hats are not just amazing in appearance but are convenient to use as well. The batteries come included in these hats which can easily be converted from a sun hat to a night party accessory. The batteries ensure that the LED lights stay illuminated and compliment the sequins on the hat without any issue. These are not felt cowboy hats and they can be used during the summer months.


Unique Colors

Brown and teal are two unique colors which can be used with bandana and other accessories. Checkout the chocolate Brown Cowboy Hats with sequins if you wish to blend in and put Teal Cowboy Hats in your wishlist if you want to stand out in a crowd. The colors stand out on the light weight material as these straw western hats can be worn during summer as well as winter months.



Explore Pack Sizes:



All the above mentioned features of the cowboy hats are amazing and ensure that you are spending money on the right product. You can buy these in varied pack sizes as per your requirements. Buy these in bigger pack sizes to apply coupon codes at the checkout page to get the best possible prices. Hurry up!
  • Feb 21, 2023
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