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All You Need To Know About Night Golf Supplies!

All You Need To Know About Night Golf Supplies!

There are various outdoor sports which people enjoy during the summer season. If you are also planning a get together with your friends and family then ensure that you have the right kind of equipment and sports gear. Also, if you want to have a great time and do something new then try your hands on night golf. You will surely have the best time playing night golf as the game is new and exciting for one and all. There are various kinds of Night Golf Supplies present on our website which you can explore and buy for one and all. The more you purchase, the more discounts you are going to avail. 


All You Need To Know About Night Golf Supplies


What Are The Types Of Glowing Golf Accessories?

There are two types of golf accessories available on our website. One is glow and the other one is LED. The glow ones illuminate only once and have a shorter duration of illumination. However, the LED ones run on batteries and they illuminate for a long time. The glow golf sticks illuminate only once however the LED Night Golf Flag Sticks illuminate for a longer period of time. 



LED Night Golf Flag Sticks

How To Activate Glow Night Golf Supplies?

The glow night golf supplies illuminate by bending and shaking the Glow Sticks. Once shaken the reaction of chemiluminescence starts which produces a bright glow. This glow lasts as long as the reaction lasts which is usually equal to a few hours.

How To Activate LED Night Golf Supplies?

The LED night golf supplies run on batteries and they can be activated using activators. For example, you can simply turn on the LED Light Up Golf Balls by placing the activator on top. Also, there are other products which come with an on/off button on them.


How Long Do Glow Golf Balls Illuminate?

The Glow Golf Balls illuminate in various colors and lights for 4 hours straight. The glow golf balls illuminate with the help of glow sticks which are to be bent and shaken in order for it to illuminate. The glow golf balls are amazing and you can use them only once.


Glow Golf Ball


3 Unique Products For Night Golf

Night Golf Markers

These markers are used to set a path or a boundary in any outdoor space. These markers can even be used to mark the golf ball holes in the ground. Both LED and Glow Night Golf Markers are available and they have different illumination times. You can grab the best deals with the help of heavy discounts that we offer. The more you buy, the less price you will have to pay.


Night Golf Markers



LED Golf Ball Light Activator

The LED golf balls can be illuminated as well as turned off in a matter of seconds using this Light Activator. Get this for your next night golf game with friends and family. Arrange some snacks and have a fun time playing with your loved ones. 


LED Golf Ball Light Activator


LED Sports Armband

If you wish to accessorize yourself for the night sports game with the best glow golf accessories then get your hands on this LED Sports Armband. This armband comes in a variety of colors and you can grab them for your friends and family as a giveaway item for your next game. Explore the colors and shapes of these aesthetically appealing and comfortable armbands. They light up with the press of a button as they have 2 CR2032 batteries in them which can be replaced very easily.


LED Sports Armband

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