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All About Voice Activated Mask - FAQ 101

All About Voice Activated Mask - FAQ 101

The 2020 pandemic has made the masks indispensable in our lives. The masks which protect us from the deadly virus are different, however people are often seen wearing a cloth or a polypropylene mask to cover their face in public places. This has led to an increase in the variety of masks available online and offline. Some masks even have LED lights in them which make them very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The masks have nose wire to pinch for a perfect fit.


Now-a-days people are seen with masks which are premium quality and have technology embedded in them. They can be synced with your smart phones and are illuminated through phones as they are app controlled light up masks. The masks come in one size which makes them adjustable as per the size and shape of the user’s face. Since the holiday season is right around the corner you can go for these illuminating sound activated light up masks which are perfect for rave parties, Halloween, night club and more. Explore:


All About Voice Activated Mask - FAQ 101


How Do You Use The Voice Activated Mask?

The Voice Activated Face Mask can be used for events and other formal functions. The USB rechargeable masks have different smiley shapes which appear only when someone speaks. You can wear these to carnivals as these sound reactive masks are going to look amazing. Smile, heart, angry face and other emoji designs.

Voice Activated LED Smart Face Mask


What Is The Difference Between An Activated Voice Mask And A Regular Mask?

The Voice Activated LED Face Mask has LED lights and sensors in it however a regular cloth face mask does not have LED lights in it. You can use these for a costume party as the LED lights make it apt for a Halloween costume party, Christmas party, glow theme party and more.

Voice Activated LED Face Mask


What Is The Voice Activated Mask Made Of?

The voice activated masks are made of fabric with an LED panel in the middle. It does not cover the full face and keep the forehead as well as eyes exposed. The luminous mask which is washable as well only activates when someone speaks. This high quality party mask can make you look amazing without doing much.

What Are The Benefits Of Voice Activated Masks?

By wearing this Voice Activated Mask you can level up your fashion game and look different from others. The elastic ear loops make it comfortable to wear for a longer run without any hassle. You can wear this to a Halloween party and look mysterious without wearing any special costume. It does not have any activated carbon filter so these are not recommended to be used in contaminated areas.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

The masks are usb rechargeable so the batteries can be charged when exhausted. However, on one charge you can use these face masks for hours. The light up face mask can easily be worn to events by kids as well as adults. The battery compartment is sealed and they are safe to use. You can use these as a halloween mask, a rave mask or can wear this to a masquerade theme party.

What Are The Advantages Of Using This Mask?

This Voice Smart LED Mask is one of a kind, comfortable, safe for use by kids, affordable and is made of high quality material which makes it durable. Checkout other Light Up Face Masks which have different designs and features in them.

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