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A Beginner’s Guide To Light Swords!

A Beginner’s Guide To Light Swords!

Light swords, also known as LED lightsabers, are fictional toy weapons designed to look like swords or lighted light sabers from the Star Wars universe. LED technology produces colored light in the blade of light swords. An overwhelming number of individuals in the USA use light up swords for cosplay, role-playing, and display purposes. Let's gain more knowledge about them.


A Beginner’s Guide To Light Swords!


The Art of Choosing The Best Light Up Sword: Follow These Recommendations

Due to the availability of many glow in the dark lightsabers swords, choosing the right fictional weapon requires you to keep different things in mind. Have a look at some essential points detailed below:


Blade Material

Light sword blades are made of plastic. So, they are impact-resistant and capable of withstanding intense dueling without breaking easily. You must choose a durable sword that can last longer.


Blade Length

It is an essential factor that you should not ignore. Keep your preferences and intended use in mind while choosing lightsaber swords. Always remember that longer blades offer a wide range of visual effects but may be less maneuverable. Choose the blade length that perfectly matches your needs.



You must look for light up saber swords made with high-quality materials. It will help to withstand the onslaught of regular use and dueling. Pay attention to overall build quality, blade material, and hilt construction. Party Glowz supplies a considerable assortment of well-built and durable LED lighting swords.


Setting a budget for light sword purchases will be helpful. Prices can vary depending on the sword's quality, features, and quantity. Consider the value you get, and choose lightsaber swords that fit well within your budget.


Using a Light Sword During Events and Celebrations: Step-by-step Instructions

Properly using a lighted light saber sword allows you to add excitement and entertainment to numerous events and celebrations and make people happy. Here are some careful recommendations that you should follow to achieve your goals:


Get The Best Light Sword

Search on Party Glowz, considering the above-mentioned recommendations, and get the best light sabers sword that glows beautifully in multiple colors. Get detailed knowledge about the available options and choose the best choice!


Familiarize Yourself With The LED Lightsaber

Once you have selected the light sword, spend time with it and learn how to use it. Take expert help and understand its features, different lighting modes, special effects, on/off buttons, and instructions. You will be able to use the sword conveniently during mass events.


Practice Is Necessary

Before the event, try to use it yourself and know how it works. Learn how to hold it properly, handle its weight and movement, and experiment with different stances and swings to create visually appealing effects.


Make A Plan For Choreography

Plan for choreography in advance if you regularly perform a light sword demonstration. Work with team members and mull over the movements, strikes, and flourishes you want to demonstrate during the event. You must keep the flow of music and event in sync and synchronize your performance accordingly, thus entertaining all participants.

Select A Perfect Event Location

You must ensure that the selected event location is suitable for using a light sword. Avoid crowded and contested places with a high risk of accidentally hitting individuals and breaking objects. Always choose a spacious location with ample open space for your play.


Work With Event Organizers

If you are considering using the light sword in a large event or celebration, work with organizers in advance, inform them about your intentions, and discuss step-by-step instructions. It will help you keep your performance consistent with the event theme and welcome guests.

Engage With Event Participants

While performing with a lightsaber sword, you must engage with the audience simply by making eye contact, communicating, and maintaining an energetic presence. Invite willing participants for a short demonstration on the stage. It will make them feel delighted and allow them to return home with pleasant memories.


Click Images

Appoint your friends or relatives to capture fantastic images of your light up sword performance. This way, you can preserve pleasant memories and share your experience with others. After all, the main use of a light sword during events and celebrations is to enhance the festival atmosphere and entertain people. So, let your creativity burst and ensure everyone around you has a pleasant experience while participating in the event.


The concept of lightsaber swords has influenced the imaginations of millions of people worldwide. Their presence in popular Western culture has established their status as an enduring symbol of adventure, heroism, and the power of force. The glowing blade, unique design, and amazing functionalities have made them quite popular among individuals. So, choose LED lightsaber per your preferences and make the event marvelous for everyone.

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