Automatic Touchless Table Top Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

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Brand: Partyglowz

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Product Specification

Product Name Automatic Touchless Table Top Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser
SKU GL0356404PG
Brand Party Glowz
Product Category PPE ESSENTIALS

Product Description

Smart Design

This automatic soap dispenser is of simple design, compact and portable. 45-degree bevel design inspired by penguin's sharp beak can quickly spit bubbles without touching the machine wall, no need to clean the soap dispenser after washing hands.

Two-Level Adjustment

One button touch adjustment with two levels of bubble output (3ml/6ml), is more convenient for children and adults to use. You can judge machine status according to the indicator light, which can also reflect whether the battery is in full condition.

Silent Operation

The electric soap dispenser uses a precision mute motor, low power consumption. Even if used late at night will not disturb the baby's sleep. It can be used more than 10,000 times.

Easy to Use

The battery-powered design will ensure the sensitivity and portability of this automatic foaming soap dispenser. Insert 4*AA batteries (not included) in the correct +/- battery compartment to make them work normally. In addition, there is no screw in the base for easy separation. Note: Four batteries need to be aligned with the conducting plates to better cover the lid.