Automatic Touchless Plastic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Product Specification

Product Name Automatic Touchless Plastic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
SKU 230003681980
Brand Party Glowz
Product Category Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers & Stands, Automatic Touchless Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers, PPE ESSENTIALS SUPPLIES,

Product Description

Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Dispesing Volume Control - ABS Plastic

Instructions for use

1. Please open the back battery cover, insert 3 AA batteries and then close.

2. Long press the top switch for 2s, and the light will flash.Now the hand sanitizer dispenser touchless is working normally.

3. Screw off the bottom bottle and pour in the hand sanitizer.

4. When using for the first time, please try it several times, then the soap will fill the hose and come out.

5. Put the hands about 4cm/1.6inch below the sensor, near-field infrared sensor, indicator light flashes,foam dispense within 0.25s.

6. The soap dispenser touchless has three levels of foam discharge,and change the foam volume Incrementally by each short pressing.

7. Long press the switch for 2s in the power-on state,and the indicator light is normally on for 2s and then off to shut down.

Warm Tips

1. Dilution ratio: 3 Water : 1 Liquid.Or it won't FOAM! If the liquid is Powdery or Granular,it CANNOT be used!!!

2. When the liquid is low,please add liquid, otherwise it will not dispense soap liquid.

3. When the indicator light flashes, it indicates that the power is insufficient.Please replace the battery.

4. When cleaning,you can wipe the body with damp cloth slowly.IPX4 Waterproof grade,it works well in a humid environment.

5. Please remove battery to avoid moisture and liquid leakage if it is not needed for a long time.

6. Please DO NOT shake the automatic sanitizer dispenser to avoid serious damage.

DO NOT put the sanitizer dispenser into water or rinse it to avoid short circuit.

DO NOT keep the hand soap dispenser under direct sunlight to avoid damage.

DO NOT tilt the tank when installing or refilling hand sanitizer.

7. The normal working temperature is 3- 40.

Package Include:

1 x Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

1 x User Manual

1 x Adhesive wall mounted hook

Batteries Not Include!