Due to the unique nature of our product line at, people often ask us a variety questions. Here are a few answers to some of those questions.


Are Glow Sticks safe?

Yes. All our chemical glow light sticks and products come in a sealed plastic case. Even if the outer casing of the glow light sticks or glow light product is somehow punctured or broken open, the chemical contents are non-toxic and non-flammable. Contact with eyes or ingesting of the fluid should be avoided because irritation will result. There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction. Please keep in mind however that under normal use you will never come into contact with the fluid inside the glow light stick. Glow light products are not recommended for children under the age of 5 without adult supervision.


How do Glow Sticks work?

There are four components to most glow sticks & glow products. The first is the plastic outer casing which holds everything together. The second is the fluid that you can see moving around in the glow stick or glow product. The third is the glass ampoule which floats freely in the fluid and the fourth component is the fluid contained inside the glass ampoule. Now that your aware of the components that make up a glow product you will learn how to activate one. To make a glow light product or glow light stick 'glow' you must bend the outer plastic casing enough so that the inner glass ampoule breaks. The two chemicals can then mix together creating the chemical reaction and the glow effect.


How long do Glow Sticks glow for? How long do Glow Sticks last?

Glow Sticks glow from 4 to 24 hours depending on the product type, brand, color and temperature of the environment they are being used in. Typically, the smaller the glow stick, the shorter the glow duration due to the amount of chemical glow used inside the glow stick. Industrial Quality 6 Inch Glow Sticks can last up to 12 hours and Long Lasting Glow Sticks that use a special powder based formula can glow for over 24 hours.


Does temperature affect Glow Sticks?

Yes, the warmer the temperature, the brighter the glow stick will glow. The heat will also shorten the chemical reaction time, which is of course the length of time that the light stick glows for. So, for example if you have the glow stick with you in a hot tub, or if you are dancing and you are in a hot room, the glow stick will glow very brightly, but the duration will not be as long as it normally is.

If it is colder, the glow stick will be dimmer and the reaction time will be longer, meaning that it will glow longer. So if you are a scuba diver or hiker using a glow stick to mark something in cold water or cooler temperatures, the glow will not be very bright, but the duration will be longer.  However, please note that if the temperatures are very cold, below freezing temperatures, the glow stick may freeze and the glow effect will be limited.


Can you turn glow stick products "off" once they have been activated?

No, once you have activated a glow light product it will glow until the chemical reaction is finished. You can however prolong the life of your glow light stick or glow light product after it has been activated. Stick it into the freezer. Freezing an activated glow light product will slow the chemical reaction. Once you take it back out of the freezer, the glow light stick or glow light product will start to glow again once it reaches room temperature. This technique does not stop the chemical reaction, but it slows the reaction enough that if you put it into the freezer one night and take it back out the next night, it should work fine.


Are Glow Sticks waterproof?

Yes. Chemical based glow sticks are sealed in a plastic tube and are waterproof. Glow Sticks were originally developed by the US Navy as a non-heated, non-sparking light source for illumination. Scuba Divers and the Coast Guard use them in water to make themselves more visible and as a safe dependable light source. 

Glow sticks are waterproof, do not use any batteries, do not generate any heat, and can tolerate high pressures, such as those found under water.


What happens if I get the chemical from a Glow Stick on my clothes?

With normal use of glow light product this is not a issue, but if you happen to puncture a glow light product and get it on your clothing, simply rinse the area with warm soapy water. If the chemical dries on the clothing it may cause a stain.


How should I store un-activated Glow Sticks / Glow Products?

Glow light products should be stored in a cool dry place in their original container or package. Heat and humidity will shorten the shelf life of glow light products.


How long is the shelf life of Glow Sticks?

Depending on how they are packaged the shelf life is 1 to 4 years. Glow products kept in foil packaging will last for up to 4 years and items with no foil packaging have usually just over a 1-year shelf life.


What chemicals are in a Glow Stick?

The glow light is made of two parts which when mixed together create the chemical reaction which makes them glow.

- 4 g sodium carbonate
- 0.2 g luminol
- 0.5 g ammonium carbonate
- 0.4 g copper sulphate pentahydrate
- approx. 1 litre of distilled water.
- 50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.


Do you have a question about glow products that has not been answered here?

If you have a question about glow sticks or glow light sticks which you would like answered, please CONTACT US and we will answer your question via email. We may also include the answer to your question here on our "Frequently Asked Questions" page.


Are LED sticks safe for youngsters to use? 

Yes, they are. USA government has validated that all LEDs are safe for ordinary use. This incorporate toys and decorative items. 


Are LED sticks reusable? 

Yes, most of the LED light sticks are reusable and have a long life. LED lights to utilize almost less power/electricity, and have a long life. Party Glowz also has the collection of LED batteries, so you can continue utilizing the toys for a longer time. 

What sorts of batteries are used in LED items? 

LED button batteries that are available in the market, are generally used as a replacement to be fit in the toy or decorative items. 


Are LEDs awful for nature? 

No, not at all. LEDs are eco-friendly in all aspects. They use semiconductor innovation to create a little vitality and give immense lighting that does not have heat as compared to normal ones.


Are LEDs equivalent to Glow sticks? 

Although some individuals sometime utilize the terms conversely, LED light use battery power to make light. Glow sticks utilizes a synthetic response to make light. Both offer an equivalent approach in terms of giving effective lightening.


How would I be able to keep my LED items working for a large extent?

To upgrade full battery life, turn off items when not being used. LED settings ordinarily utilize less vitality than the consistent setting. Lights will regularly illuminate for 3-8 hours whenever it gets switched on. The single color LED items will illuminate longer than multi-color items. Once you change the batteries, the glowing items will illuminate like new ones. The normal time span of usability of batteries is around 1 year. 


Can I get my logo imprinted on the request? 

In case you think that the logo or fine art would look wonderful imprinted on something that illuminates, we can do that for you. Our specialized team can add your logo to over a thousand sorts of light up items with a fast pivot time. Normal production time takes 5-7 business days. We can even make something absolutely custom and exceptional for you. 


To what extent do glow sticks last? 

Glow sticks come in different category and sizes.
Premium Glow sticks: Available in 6 inch and last for 6-8 hrs with shelf value of 12-24 months.
Standard Glow Sticks:  Available in 1.5”, 2”, 4”, 6”, 12” and last for 6-8 hrs. Shelf value is 18-24 months.
Emergency glow sticks: Available in 6” and lasts for 12 hrs to pave light for trucks and vehicles.  Shelf value is 18-24 months.


How to start a glow in the dark? 

To activate the glow stick, you need to blend the glow stick. By twisting the stick, you will split the inward glass ampule that houses the 'activator'. When you hear a break within the ampule, give the glow stick a decent shake to appropriately combine the chemical and get the light response. 


Does temperature influence a glow sticks? 

Yes. Heat actually increases the light radiating response causing a glow stick to glow more fabulously but for a shorter time frame. As the temperature decline towards the freezing point, dimmer will be the glowing impact of glow stick. However, the time span will be longer.


Is Glow stick actually safe?

Yes, absolutely right. You can use glow sticks for different purpose as per your requirement easily without any hassle. Party Glowz has quality glow sticks that can be used for different purpose at a particular time.


Can we reuse Glow stick?

Glow stick once activated will glow until the chemical reaction is finished. The fully discharged glow stick is not reusable.


Are glow sticks waterproof and safe?

Yes, the chemical based glow sticks are sealed in a plastic tube and are completely waterproof. These can be used by scuba divers and coast guards to make things more visible underwater.


Why need to store glow stick tube in a cool dry place if unused?

Glow light sticks are supposed to be kept in a cold dry place as chemical contained in the tube gets aggravated and start producing more heat which eventually start reducing its shelf value.


What makes Our Glow Paints & Glow Powder different from the other glow in the dark paints on the market?

First, almost any glow in the dark paint you find in a craft store will be of the zinc sulphide variety which barely glows at all if we’re honest.  All of our paints are made with our rare earth aluminate powders and are made specifically for use by artists.  Whether you are painting a mural, canvas, model, or anything else, our paints go on smooth and dry completely clear when used as directed. 


Where can I use Glow in the Dark Paint & Powder?

As all of our phosphorescent powders have a waterproof coating, they can be used for any application that you can think of.  Our powders can be used in resin, wax, blown glass, plastic, solvent and water based paints, plastidip, rubber and many more applications.  To get some ideas of what other people are doing with glow in the dark paint and powder, please check out our project ideas page and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to see what our customers are doing and upload photos of your own works of art!


Are Glow Paints & Glow Powders safe?

The most amazing thing about these glow in the dark powders is that they are derived from naturally occurring elements that are completely nontoxic and definitely not radioactive.  The inspiration for our store came from nature and science and we find it amazing what these naturally derived materials can do while being completely safe.

Please keep in mind though that just like any other fine powder, you’ll want to avoid inhaling or getting the pigment in your eyes as it may cause irritation. 


How Glow Paints and Glow Powders are packed?

Our powders are packaged in various sizes of zip lock bags which you’ll definitely thank us for if you don’t use all of your powder in one sitting.

Our paints are packaged in 1 oz. containers for quantities of 1 to 3 ounces.  Any multiple of 4 ounces will be packaged in 4 oz. jars.

We also offer variety packs that are a great way to get a large number of glow colors for not a lot of money.  These are offered in sets of 4, 1/6-ounce paint pots.


How long does Glow Paint & Glow Powder Glow?

Due to their unique crystalline structures, each glow in the dark color has a different maximum brightness and glow time.  The neutral colors that glow Yellow-Green and Aqua are the two brightest, longest lasting colors available anywhere.  You can see more specifics on all of the colors on their individual product pages.


How to Clean Glow Paint after using it?

All of our paints are water based acrylics and are easily cleaned up with soap and water when still wet.  Once dry, they are difficult to get out of fabric but usually pretty easy to remove from non-porous surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, and even leather and vinyl.  Little drops can usually be “picked” off of these surfaces with a finger nail and the remaining residue cleaned up with rubbing alcohol.


Does Glow Paints and Glow Powders smell?

Our paints don't have much of an odor and smell just like any other acrylic paint does.

Our neutral powders don’t have any smell at all but the colorful pigment in the fluorescent powders does have a bit of an odor to it.  Once mixed with a medium like paint, resin, plastic, etc. the smell goes away.


What is the best way to apply glow in the dark paints? (i.e. in the dark, under black light, etc.)

This one is really up to you and we’d love to hear what method works best for you.  There are several different ways to paint with glow paint and which one is best will vary from project to project.

The easiest method is to paint over a surface in normal light. With this method, you won’t see the final result until you charge the paint and turn the lights out (a fun surprise in itself) but you can easily embellish existing paintings or images and paint outdoors using this method.

f you want to see exactly what your work is going to look like when it’s done, you’re going to want to be able to see the glow effect in real time as it is being applied. These paints glow for so long that you can sit in a dim room (a small amount of light is ideal so that you can easily see the underlying image), charge the paints with a UV light for a few seconds, and then apply them while they are still glowing.  This is probably the ideal middle ground and the method that most people will use.

If you plan to create a lot of glow in the dark art, you may want to invest in a fluorescent black light fixture. You can get a 24” black light for less than $20 which you can position right above your painting.  This will keep the paint charged for the entire session and give you a little light to see the underlying image as well even in an otherwise completely dark room.  Yet another option that is even cheaper, you can purchase a compact fluorescent black light bulb and screw it into a standard table lamp for a similar effect.


How do I charge my glow in the dark items?

For the best performance, we recommend using either our UV flashlights or sunlight for the fastest, brightest charge.  Black light tubes are also great for charging but are less focused than LEDs so may take a little longer (they’re also a lot less convenient). 

If none of the above options are available, then holding your item close to a household fluorescent light (tube or spiral) will charge it too. 

Most regular LEDs and typical tungsten light bulbs (hot white wire in the middle) do not give off the wavelength of light needed to charge glow in the dark items.