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6 Places To Use Portable UVC Sterilizer! 

6 Places To Use Portable UVC Sterilizer! 

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to the use of sterilizers and sanitizers all over the world. It has become mandatory and imperative to disinfect places and UV sterilizers work best for that. Ultra violet rays are known to disinfect various kinds of surfaces. The UV sanitizers kill germs and viruses which lead to infections and sickness in human beings. There are three types of UV rays - UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C light is most effective towards killing bacteria and viruses.


Portable UV Light Sanitizers

However, it is not feasible to set up germicidal UV-c sterilizers everywhere as the set up is huge so we have come up with Portable UV Light sanitizer wands. These wands are high quality and they can be hand held for disinfection of various surfaces. The wavelength of the UV rays kills even the smallest known bacteria like E.coli. The Portable UV Sanitizer lets you disinfect all kinds of items and surfaces.


6 Places To Use Portable UVC Sterilizer!



Hotels are most susceptible to being infected as multiple people use them on a daily basis. If you are staying in a hotel then carry these portable uv-c sterilizers. You can disinfect the bedsheets, toiletries and more as soon as you enter the hotel room. This way you can save yourself from getting infected even while staying at a hotel.


Portable Handheld UV Light Sanitizer Wand



Our clothes and accessories are most prone to being infected so the use of these ultraviolet light sterilizers help eliminate the spread of coronavirus. You can use these uv-c led lights on clothes as well as bags. UVC disinfection is pretty popular among the people as UV Sterilizer Lamp is pretty effective on most surfaces. The wands run on aa batteries for a long time and the compact size makes it easy to carry in the bag.


UV Sterilizer Lamp



You must know that the most amount of bacteria and viruses are found in public restrooms so you must use some safety features of the UV sterilizers while using one. The hand held wands contain batteries which run for hours through their power. The rechargeable battery makes the uvc sterilizers long lasting and durable. The long battery life adds on to the life of the sanitizer box and they are used by remote controls.


Portable UV Sterilization Lamp



Sanitize and sterilize your workplace to keep it germ free with these sterilizers. You can keep your table, keyboard, monitors, laptops, files clean by using UV Light Sanitizer Wand and cell phones clean by using UV Sterilizer Box. Expose the item you would like to sterilize to these UV lights and you would be good to use them without any worry of infection.


UV Cell Phone Sterilizer



Carpooling has become very common as it cuts down cost massively however the risk of infection goes high. All the items in the car can be sterilized easily using the UV Disinfection Wand sterilizer. You can disinfect the seats, steering wheel and other components of the car.


Portable Handheld UV-C Sterilizer



All the household items need to be disinfected using the sanitizers with chargers. You can keep one on the main door and disinfect the clothes, bags and other items carried by the person entering the house. If you have kids at home then you can disinfect their toys and other essentials from time to time. Baby items can also be sterilized using this portable UV Sterilizer without any hassle.

  • Jan 11, 2023
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