How to plan an office LED theme party?

How to plan an office LED theme party?

The biggest question to ponder now: “How to plan an office LED theme party?”. Well, it's easy if you use our handy step-by-step guide.

First things first, go ahead to choose a theme. A theme will help determine what colors and lighting you'll use. For example, if the office is going to be green with red accents and a bright yellow sun shining through the window, then a jungle theme will work well. But remember that not all themes are suited to every space or style of lighting. If the office has no windows or an old-fashioned low ceiling light hanging from the roof then you can go for a club theme. 

Step 1 – Choose a theme.

Step 2 – Plan how you're going to light the space and create your decor.

Step 3 – Work out what equipment you'll need (LED tape, controllers, extension cables) and order some in if you need to.

Step 4 – Consider what size of budget you have and then hunt around for the best prices on your chosen equipment.

Step 5 – Create an overall production plan, including a timeline and floor plan of your spaces. The more preparation that goes into your event, the better it will be received by guests who attend.

Step 6 – Publicize the event and promote it to the masses with a head's up on what they'll see and be prepared!

Step 7 – Order food, drinks and party supplies.

Step 8 – Go out of your way to add some extras to your party that might make it even more interesting (for example, an LCD projector showing an intro video, or one of those new all-LED 2x2 cubes).

Step 9 – Be attentive and be sure to check the details of your event, especially before it begins.

Step 10 – Be prepared to have a good time!

Step 11 – Clean up and store all your equipment afterwards.

Step 12 – Send thank you emails to people who were particularly helpful and/or generous.

Step 13 – Get back to work!

A few final words of advice: don't be afraid of using LEDs, especially in a public place like the office or school, because they are safe to use without the need for expensive and complex cabling.

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  • Dec 04, 2021
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