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How to Host A Las Vegas Themed Party

How to Host A Las Vegas Themed Party

Visiting Las Vegas can be costly, budget-wise. As noted in a report on Las Vegas visitations, people are spending more in the city than ever before. Those who joined casino games spent an average of $717.51 on playing, with their stay also inflating their food and shopping budgets by $462.37 and $284.55, respectively. These rates don’t include your transportation and lodging costs, which can quickly make an impact on your budget.

Instead of emptying your bank account with a trip to Nevada, why not have fun with your friends and family and enjoy the ultimate Vegas experience through a themed party? Without having to experience the stress of travel, you can still have an enjoyable group celebration together. Here are some tips on how you can throw a great casino party:

Put up decorations according to the theme

The best part of hosting your own Las Vegas-themed party is that you can choose what it’ll look like. It doesn’t have to be strictly a casino-themed party — you can have whimsical Queen of Heart themes or a Roaring 20s theme, depending on your preference. You can even have set pieces and decor that can reflect the vibe of Vegas, like a Welcome to Las Vegas sign, a red entry carpet, personalized champagne flutes, roulette wheels, and much more. To keep in theme, encourage your guests to dress accordingly in your invitations. Dressing up can further help set the mood and prepare the party for a night of casino glamor.

Play classic Las Vegas casino games

Las Vegas is home to all types of entertainment, most notably their games in the casino scene. Arguably one of the most popular games worldwide, poker is something many of your guests will enjoy. The history of poker – particularly the Texas Hold’em variant – notes how the card game was once a favorite recreation in small-town saloons and on Mississippi River boats. Eventually, the game spread to California card clubs and made its home in Nevada casinos, making it the perfect amusement for your Las Vegas party. It can be good to have a cheat sheet handy, so first-time players and less experienced guests know whether their hand is good or not. You can also ask more experienced friends to serve as dealers and buy (or borrow) poker chip sets for more authenticity.

Hire live entertainers

Aside from casino games, Las Vegas is a well-known destination for unique entertainment involving performance groups, big-name celebrities, and amazing stunts. For your party, you don’t necessarily have to go crazy with your budget to have a great time. If you’re willing to spend, you can opt to hire a DJ or live band to provide music on the theme. On the other hand, you can invite your friends and family to showcase their talents in music, magic, comedy, or unique tricks if you're on a tighter budget. You can hire a 'technician' to manage stage lighting, elevating every performance.

Serve the right food and drinks

With the bustle of casino games and other entertainment, it can be difficult for guests to find the right place to sit and eat. Rather than having set meals, choose a buffet-style menu where guests can dine at leisure. It’s best to serve foods that can be eaten easily with minimal mess so everyone can enjoy them without needing to clean up often; great choices include finger food like sliders, chicken skewers, and meat roll-ups. It would be best to provide a selection of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, to keep the energy going at your party for all guests.
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