Glow Stick Party ideas for Adults

Glow Stick Party ideas for Adults

Glow sticks are a fun and inexpensive way to make any party a little more lively. Break the vial of your glow sticks and then shake them up to get started. With a variety of colors at your disposal, you can use them for everything from lighting up the dance floor to creating an entirely new atmosphere in your living room. To get the most out of your glow sticks, however, you'll want to decide on a theme and stick to it. For example, people's first thought after a big bowl of popcorn will certainly be "Are we going to have a movie night?

A similar technique can convey a movie theme with glow sticks.

  1. Attach glow sticks to the inside of a bowl and wrap them around the outside to recreate an old-fashioned movie theater marquee.
  2. The bowl will also work as a great centerpiece for your table.
  3. Position the glow sticks in any way that suits you once you've broken the ice - across sticks or around sticks are one of your options - but never ever connect them together in order to avoid making a huge mess when they eventually fall off your stick, which will happen over time with use.
  4. Stick your glow sticks to the side of a CD case and use it as a centerpiece on the table by cutting out pictures of popcorn and movie tickets to put inside.
  5. If you want to create a more elaborate centerpiece, use your CD case as a vase for flowers and then place it in the middle of the table so that everyone sees it right away.
  6. Glue your glow sticks around an empty toilet paper roll before breaking them up into smaller pieces so that you can use them to light up the outside of your gift bags or around your birthday candles at each place setting for an extra special touch.
  7. If a movie theme isn't your thing, use glow sticks to decorate your apartment or party space. Stick them to the wall and fill them with colorful pictures to add some decorative touches to the room.
  8. Hang glow sticks around your house as a way to brighten up the place and make it feel more like home.
  9. Make your own decorations using glow sticks around the pool.
  10. If you have a newborn, use glow sticks in place of lights in your baby's room or around her crib for a cute way to give her a special night time atmosphere.
  11. Glow sticks make great table lights at your next gathering and are an easy way to light up the party space while still feeling like you're providing some much needed extra attention to guests who want to talk but can't see much else going on around them.
  12. Glow sticks can be tinted in color, which can provide a soft glow in the dark and keep your living room or a bedroom more colorful while also making it feel more welcoming.
  13. Don't leave the lights on all night if you have guests over because they might use them to read late into the night!
  14. Instead of chewing gummy bears, kids will enjoy using glowing powder instead and making their own homemade glow sticks to try out their new trick on others.
  15. A simple game that uses glow sticks as a prize is to name as many colors as you can in order for everyone to get a prize at the end for being closest.

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