7 popular wholesale party supply products on sale!

7 popular wholesale party supply products on sale!

The holiday season is around the corner and you must have a blast during that time with your friends and family. Get your hands on the best products in the glow and LED category to decorate your space and as gifts for your near and dear ones. You can find the party supplies on sale for various occasions and select the products as per your requirement. There are hundreds of decor items which can be bought as per your liking and convenience. The wholesale party supply products have the lowest price and you can buy them at any time while sitting at a comfortable place anywhere. Party Glowz offers flat rate shipping on small orders and free shipping on big orders. The party decor light up items online range is humongous and you would be thrilled to get your hands on unique yet affordable items. Check out the following list of products which are a must have for party decorations. 


When it comes to decor then balloons seem to be the first item which pops in everyone’s head. If you wish to buy balloons for the festive season then do not just go for normal balloons but get your hands on the balloons which have LED lights in them. The balloons are light in weight and light in price as well so you would not be digging a hole in your pocket while making the purchase.   

Balloon weight

This might seem like a small item but as per its utility it is a very important and almost indispensable decor item. The balloon weight is as aesthetically pleasing as the other decor items as it comes nicely wrapped in a shiny and high quality wrapping paper. The balloon weight can be used to keep the bunch of helium balloons steady and kept nicely in a corner or at any place you want. 

glitter lava lamps

Glitter lamp

These lava lamps with glitters make for a magical decor item which can make for a great centerpiece and a corner piece. The glitter lamp comes in various shapes, sizes and colors which illuminate brightly with the press of a button and has floating cold lava in them. The glitter lamp is high in quality and can be bought at lowest possible price at online website. You can get the lamps custom made as well without having to pay any extra cost.    

Tea lights

The tea lights are being used all around the world during festivals, parties and more. If you are someone who loves tea lights but are scared to use them inside then these LED tea lights are for you. You can illuminate them with the push of a button and decorate any space of your choice within a few minutes. These are eco-friendly, affordable, light in weight and extremely safe to use. Similarly, pillar candles are also available with LED lights which simulate and illuminate like real candles.    

Paper centerpieces

For one time use, the paper centerpieces make for an affordable item which can be used anywhere as per the user’s wish. The paper centerpieces are available in various shapes, colors and sizes. If you are looking to buy these items for Christmas then you can get your hands on a paper Santa, Christmas tree, snowflakes, lanterns and more. They are high in quality and can be used for days as per the customer’s convenience.  

glow sticks  

Glow sticks

Glow sticks are undoubtedly the most amazing and popular glow item which can be bought in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. They can be used as they are or in the form of a completely different product. Break the inner vial of the glow sticks to release the inner components which when mix together lead to a chemical reaction which is responsible for the brilliant glow of the sticks  


Banners with LED rim look amazing and make for a great promotional product for brand campaigning and more. You can get your hands on the high quality vinyl banners with the text of your choice. These are affordable and easily customizable as per your needs and liking.

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