5 Ways to Throw a Fun and Safe House Party in Times of Pandemic!

5 Ways to Throw a Fun and Safe House Party in Times of Pandemic!

It is important to take some time off the monotonous working routine which everyone goes through to maintain a work life balance. The only thing you can do is to spend some quality time with your friends and family in order to maintain your sanity. In times of pandemic, it is not possible to meet and greet your loved ones however the parties can be arranged in a safe manner by following all the necessary precautions. In order to enjoy a party at home you can incorporate so many elements like personalized beer mugs, plates, which can ensure your safety and the safety of your guests.

Keep a hand sanitizer on the door

This is the first and foremost thing which you must adhere to in order to organize a party at home to ensure everyone’s safety. The sanitizers can be bought very easily from partyglowz along with foot stands as well as smart dispensing options. There are gel based and alcohol based hand sanitizers which can be kept on the door and given as a party favor. The hand sanitizer can also be kept in small packaging on the entrance in order for the guests to use them.

Use disposable cutlery

The disposable cutlery can be bought in order to keep everyone safe in these times. The disposable cutlery can be made of paper or plastic and can be used along with plastic boot beer steins. The disposable cutlery can be bought as per the theme of the party. If you are unsure of the theme then explore the online portal and buy the products in customized format. Snacks, fruits, appetizers, etc can all be served in these high quality disposable serving dishes and plates which come in vibrant colors and prints.

Use disposable mugs

Party is all about drinking for some people and in order to maintain a risk free environment, you can make plastic beer stein wholesale purchases in order to save a lot on the prices and get maximum discounts on the shipping as well as delivery of the products. Buy the disposable mugs and enjoy a fun drinking session with your friends and family. Do not think that you would have to compromise on the types of glasses as they are disposable. You can get your hands on martini glasses, shot glasses, margarita glasses, champagne glasses and more. If you want unique designs and shapes then you can order a skull, cowboy boot, cartoon shaped glasses, etc in no time. 

Keep a stylish face mask theme party

What can be a better way to make everyone wear their masks throughout the party than by turning the party into a facemask theme party? Yes, you can organize this party and ensure everyone’s safety in a smart way. It would become mandatory for the individuals to wear a mask and they would also want to flaunt their masks which they have bought especially for the party. Grab the unique designs and styles of LED and glow masks to enjoy drinks with your friends in a plastic beer boot shaped mug. The face masks can also be bought in customized format so you can play with the colors and the designs however you like.

Play insightful games

As the times have changed, you can ensure everyone’s safety by playing games which do not require individuals to come close to each other. Enjoy a dance off or a quiz game where individuals and teams from the same family can sit together. The teams can be coined as per the color of their masks or as per drink in a personalized beer mug which each of them are holding. These games can turn out to be so much fun and your friends would enjoy a fun evening of drinks and games.

So many other elements can be used in order to ensure the safety of the individuals like wand shaking instead of hand shaking, dance moves instead of hugs, raising glasses instead of cheers, etc. You can come up with innovative ideas in order to throw a party which is safe and fun for guests as well as the host.

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